This page is for my son Danny

Danny is my youngest son, and from the time he was a little boy, baseball was his first love. Danny started off playing T-Ball when he was six years old. He was drafted into little league when he was nine, he was the team catcher, after little league, he moved on to senior league. In High School Danny played Football, Wrestled, and played baseball for Lowell High. Danny was given the Valedictory Athletic Award for the most outstanding athlete during his tenure at LHS. He also played Legion Ball. After High School Danny attended Central Connecticut State University and played ball for four years, during that time Danny was listed in the top individual performances in several categories. He ended his career at CCSU with a .409 batting average, 48 runs, 65 hits, 20 doubles,and 3 triples,11 home runs, and 56 RBI's. Danny was three time, First team All-Conference East Division, and was chosen Twice for All New England First team college all star game. His first all star game was played at Fenway Park, which was one of his most memorable experiences. Danny graduated from college this past May. He is now playing ball for the River City Rascals. This team is a member of the Frontier League and are located in O'Fallon Missouri. I am very proud of Danny and all his accomplishments. So this page is for you Danny, I love you, and I am very proud of you. I admire you. You have a dream, and are not afraid to follow your Heart.

"Danny at CCSU"

"Danny Catching"

"Danny taking five"

"1999 River City Rascals"

"River City Rascals"

"The Frontier League"

""League Standing's"

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"Of course I like Baseball!" he bellowed.
"I like; All nine innings and knee high strikes
The diamond cut by flashing spikes.
The infield hit, a long home run
Doubbleheaders, the radar gun.
The curve, the knuckler, slider and spitter
A slugfest or the chance no-hitter.
The majors, the minors,the kids, the vets
The "Whiz Kids," the "Amazing Mets."
The squeeze bunt and the hit and run
The double steal on three and one.
The infield fly rule, the intentional pass
Both real and artificial grass.
The Texas leaguer and the Baltimore chop
The routine grounder or astro turf hop.
Signs to take and signs to steal
Beating the deadline with a late night deal.
The brush back pitch, the managers warned
The visiting star locally scorned.
Balls with eyes and rain delays
Around the horn double plays.
Walking leads and frozen ropes
Bloops, blasts and springtime hopes.
Louisville Sluggers by H&B
The game of the week and cable TV
Descriptions like "Good field-no-hit
Or "Tools or ignorance" behind a catcher's mitt
Diving catches and trapped fly balls
Coaches bemoaning bang-bang calls.
The pickoff move and stealing home
Games in the sun or under a dome.
Passed balls, or real wild pitches
The colorful suits with new stretch britches.
Walks, balks, and fielders choices
Inside the parkers, leatherlunged voices.
Crashing the fences and charging the plate
An irate skipper getting the gate.
Cold beer, peanuts and ball park franks
Sometimes even the New York Yanks.
For all this and more I have good reason
To be pleased as hell it's Baseball season.
And if you guys don't mind suggestions,
Go somewhere else with your silly questions!"

~Author Unknown~