"Here they go with the camera again"

"Here's my little friend Petey"

Here's my friend Ritz, he's a Golden Retriever and boy can he retrieve, socks,shoes,towels......

"I Tawt I taw a Puddy Tat!"
"I did, I did"

"Here's my friend Tinker,isnt she a pretty kitty"

Here's my friend Kitty, he lives to eat


Friendship is a blessing
It's the best you have to share,
The talents and the wisdom,
The capacity to care...
It's being there to lend support,
Whatever needs arise,
It's making sure that others know
They're special in your eyes....
Friendship is a blessing,
And, to all who have a friend,
It's one of the most precious gifts
That life could ever send.
~Author Unknown~


Well Mom started this page for me and my friends. Mom (Kathy) found me in a pet store,when I was sixteen weeks old. And it was love at first site. She of course went home and told Dad (Butch) what a beautiful bird she saw. And of course knowing Dad was a soft touch, they went back to the store and brought me home. They told Mom and Dad at the store, that lories talk, but not to well. I say about forty or so things, I love giving orders to Ritz. Sit, stay, come, get down, stop it, be nice. I also say I love you, give me a kiss, pretty bird,and thank you.And when the phone rings I say Hello, how are you, ok, alright, bye bye. I also tell people what a good bird I am. And one of Mom's favorite is Rosie, Rosie,Rosie, Rosie Bird. Of course I also say be a nice bird,good bird, and don't bite. And when I play with Mom's earrings,and I know I am being a pest, I say don't be fresh. I love to play find the pencil with Dad,( he loves it when I growl.) Well enough about how smart I am. Did I mention beautiful? Well about our cats, Tinker is about 7 years old, and very loveable. She loves to snuggle and be scratched. Kitty is two years old and was found by Danny (Kathy's son)in a group of bushes when he was about five weeks old. He loves to sleep,eat,and play with Ritz. Now for Ritz, he is the newest addition to our family. He belongs to Michael (another son) Ritz loves everyone, and is always doing something to get into trouble. After all he is only a year old. When he grows up he'll be a good boy. He's handsome, and of course those puppy dog eyes get you everytime. And last but not least there's Petey, he's Krissy's bird (Kathy's daughter) We bird sit for Petey when Krissy goes away. That's our big happy family.We hope you enjoyed your visit. Please sign our guest book. Bye~Bye for now.


A friend is someone we turn to
When our spirits need a lift,
A friend is someone we treasure
For our friendship is a gift,
A friend is someone who fills our lives
With beauty, joy, and grace
And makes the world we live in
A better and happier place.

~Author Unknown~

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